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The service has the ability to post from an RSS feed.
You can learn more about the function by following the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fp8pNXukNkz0NqT-5-XXI-_YfTDZHH1sQ8s32sFIwuI/edit?usp=sharing

You can also select your Instagram and TikTok account connected to the service as a source.

Instagram: To add an Instagram account when creating a repost, you must select Instagram and select the connected account:

TikTok: The repost works only from TikTok (you cannot repost on TikTok). Repost in Reels Instagram (that is, it will not post to the feed and in the history) and also repost to the feeds of the rest of the social networks. networks.

For adding:
1) go to the Reposter section 2) Click Create Reposter 3) Select the TikTok tab

4) We call the Repost as we like 5) in the Username, enter the account name from TikTok 6) Click Create and the created repost will be displayed and you will need to Add receivers:

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