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Creating reports on posts in SMMplanner
Creating reports on posts in SMMplanner

Analytics, reports, statistics, DataFan

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Analytics section (integration with DataFan service) is in the left menu

1. To create your first report, click on the Add new account button (in the center or in the upper right corner of the page)

2. The system will offer to connect one of 3 social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki). Please note, if you want to get a report on Instagram, choose Facebook. To collect statistics on the posts of an Instagram account, the account must be linked to the Facebook business page.

3. Select the social network for which you need a report and connect

4. Now you can create reports on publics of the social network you need. To do this, click on Create report

5. You can create reports for the following publics: Instagram account (author account or business account), VKontakte community, Facebook business page or Odnoklassniki group.

6. Please note that generating a report can take several minutes. The data on posts in the report will be available for the last month. The more posts were released per month, the longer it will take to collect the data.

7. The finished report displays data only on posts in the social network, excluding data on account statistics, stories and advertising indicators of promo posts. If you need a detailed report on these indicators, create it in the DataFan service.

8. In this section, data on posts in statistics is available for the last 30 days.
Data for 6 months is displayed in the DataFan service

9. Limits for creating reports available in tariffs:
Free - 0
Starter - 2
Pro - 5
Small business - 12
Medium business - 25
Big business - 75

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