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Story Creator

SMMplanner's Instagram Story Creator allows you to add stickers: quiz, slider, questions, surveys, geo-tags, mentions, hashtags.

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The functionality of the Story Creator is only available on active PRO tariffs https://smmplanner.com/home/app/billing/plans . The old editor is still available from the post planning window (pencil icon at the top left corner of the added image).

At the moment, the editor has the following set of functions:

  • Ability to select background with color, gradient background, upload photo and video.

  • Canvas Beta. You can easily create new Canvas beta designs and publish them in your stories or post

For the photo:

  • Ability to add the following stickers: hashtag, geomark, mention, survey, question, quiz, slider, emogy, countdown

  • Ability to choose for each sticker styles as in Instagram

  • Ability to change the size, position and tilt of the sticker 

  • Text manipulation (currently there are seven font families, one of which is serifed): possibility to choose font size and color, position, effect

For the video: 

  • Video format mp4, MOV up to 150mb is available for download.

  • Ability to automatically slice videos into multiple stories and send them to a carousel

  • Ability to mute video

  • Ability to frame video, or complement it with Blur fields

  • Same stickers are available as for the photo

The current release is an interim release and the editor will be filled with the missing functionality in the future. Let's list what exactly now is already in working out and will appear in the editor in the nearest releases:

  • Possibility to create a carousel Stories

  • Adding stickers: weather, time, animation hyphae

  • Ability to duplicate stories

  • Ability to automatically delete stories

There is also a slight subtlety in the use of the "Question" and "Countdown" stickers - after creating a history with this sticker in your feed on the service itself, this sticker will not be in the preview.

If you have an idea how to make the editor better and more convenient - we are always open for dialogue and ready to discuss innovations. Editor development is now in the active phase, we are open for any feedback. Thank you in advance!

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