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Setting up posting to groups and pages of FB.
Setting up posting to groups and pages of FB.

Setting up posting to pages and Facebook groups on the SMMplanner service.

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Posting is available on public pages and FB groups. It is forbidden to publish to personal FB pages third-party applications. 

If you have an attached FB account in the Accounts section, disable it. 

To publish to FB groups it is necessary to add our application in the group settings. Go to Manage Groups - Edit Group Settings - Apps - Add Apps - enter SMMPlanner in the search bar - click Add.

FB groups can be posted by administrators - if in group settings publication is allowed only to group administrator, administrators and moderators - if all group members are allowed to publish. 

No additional settings need to be set up for publishing to public pages. Administrators and editors can post to the FB pages.
After the above actions it will be necessary to reconnect our application to FB according to the instructions.

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