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Why is there a delay in publishing?
Why is there a delay in publishing?

Why publication times may differ by a few minutes?

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The issue of delay in publishing consists of two parts: the first is the delay on our servers and the second is the delay on the servers of social networks themselves. On our servers we control the load, and it is on average 3-6% of the maximum possible (this ratio is maintained so that the server can withstand a sudden increase in load of more than 30 times, which helps us to calmly withstand peak loads). The delay in sending your posts to our servers is no more than 5 seconds at peak times. 

But then the posts are processed by the servers of social networks themselves. According to our statistics, the delays on social network servers are on average from a few seconds to 7 minutes. Unfortunately, we cannot take their delay into account when publishing, as we do not have access to their servers. Unfortunately, we are powerless to correct this situation. Therefore, we can only advise you the following - social networks' load peaks most often occur at exactly the right time like -10.00, 10.30, 11.00, 11.30 and so on. Try to avoid such peaks and shift the publication by at least 5-7 minutes. This will already allow you to skip the peak load + will allow your post not to get into a huge stream of other publications, increasing coverage and allowing it not to get lost.

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