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Team work in the office.
Team work in the office.

Teamwork on SMMplanner service.

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The function of division of rights and roles in the office is available to users on the Pro grid tariffs (Starter, Pro, Small Business, Medium Business, Large Business). The description of each tariff shows the number of teams and participants available on it.

To set up a team and invite participants to a team, follow these steps:

  1. On the left side menu, go to Teams.

  2. Create a team and invite participants to it. To invite participants, specify the mail in the SMMplanner user's cabinet and assign the required role. Invited users will receive letters with links to join the commands.

  3. Go to the Projects section on the left side menu, create a Project/Projects that you plan to work with in the team, add social network pages to it, set the necessary settings for the Project/Projects and pages.

  4. In the Commands section add the necessary Project/Projects to the team.

  5. The mode switch (in the upper left corner) will appear in the personal accounts of team members. Using it, they will be able to switch to the team mode and have access to Projects and posts as far as their role in the team is provided.

To work in the team, participants do not need to select and pay a suitable tariff: posting conditions are determined by the tariff of the team owner.

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