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The SMMplanner service has a typographer who will help you to quickly check the text before publishing and get it in order.

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For your convenience, the service has a typographer who will help you quickly check the text before publication and get it in order. After you have created the text for the post, click on the typographer button:

What can our printer do? 

  • to replace the hyphen on the dash;

  • place the correct quotes ("pie" → "pie");

  • remove any extra spaces between words;

  • place commas before "a" and "but."

  • transform fractions 1/2 → ½, 1/4 → ¼, 3/4 → ¾;

  • convert characters != → ≠, <= → ≤, >= → ≥, ~= → ≅, +- → ±;

  • set the correct apostrophe;

  • remove double punctuation;

  • place spaces after punctuation marks;

  • Place extra spaces after the opening and closing parenthesis;

  • remove spaces and line breaks at the beginning of the text;

  • add ° to C and F;

  • insert a hyphen between "from under", "because", before "ka" and "kas", after

  • "some" and "some", between "true", before "to", "either", "any", etc.

  • convert YYYY-MM-DD dates to DD.MM.YYY;

  • replace the dot with a comma in the numbers;

  • format telephone numbers (e.g. Mob.9603201000 -> Mob. 960 320-10-00);

  • replace Latin letters with Russian letters; misprints that occur when switching the

  • keyboard layout;

  • and much more! 

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