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On the tariff Small Business will be available to you:

  • Unlimited posting (you can publish any number of posts)

  • Unlimited planning (you can plan ahead without limits)

  • Video file posting (unlimited number of posts with video)

  • Use of own proxies (possibility to set own individual proxies for work with Instagram accounts)

  • 25 social pages at a time (this set of pages can be changed at any time, during the whole period of tariff validity. The system automatically takes into account only active pages in which posts are scheduled).

  • 25 watermarks (logos that can be automatically superimposed on your photos and videos).

  • A separate editor for Instagram Stories.

  • 5 own teams with 4 participants in each

  • 5 active reposters with 25 receivers

  • 12 reports (DataFan analytics)

  • When you buy 12 months of tariff, you pay for 10 months.

Functions of the service available on the tariff Small Business:


  • Text

  • Hashtags

  • Photo ( up to 10 pieces in one post )

  • Title Video (up to 10 in one post, up to 6 minutes and 150 mb)

  • Gif file

  • Audio ( from VK search )  

  • Place ( geo-tag on map )

  • Polls ( anonymous voting is also possible )

  • Links ( ability to put a link from Youtube to display video )

  • Markup wiki ( link in References field )

  • Mark the post as an advertisement (the mark of an advertisement post for the loyalty of subscribers - the official tool from VK)

  • Mark the user in the text of the post, configuration: @id0000000 (name)


  • Text ( up to 2200 characters )

  • Adding the first comment to the post (up to 2200 characters, up to 10 marks @, up to 30 hashtags - the total number of post and comment).

  • Timer to delete the first comment

  • Hashtags ( up to 30 pieces )

  • Disable comments under post

  • Photo (format 1x1, from 1.91x1 to 4x5 without adding white fields, other formats will be added white fields to the nearest available format)

  • Carousel ( up to 10 pieces of photo and video files)

  • Video (up to 1 minute and 150 mb)

  • Select a cover from the frame or upload a photo (cover can be extended with fields to the video format, or cropped, depending on the field/frame settings in the project/page settings).

  • The Gif file is published as a video

Instagram Stories

  • Link marking (if there is such a possibility in the account itself)

  • Hashtags

  • Tick up to 10 users

  • Stickers

  • Video up to 15 seconds (social network limitation)

  • Place ( Geometry - to be created in Fb )

  • Two-choice surveys

  • IGTV (Video should be no shorter than 15 seconds and no longer than 6 minutes, no longer than 150 mb. The format is 9:16. The Title field is mandatory. )

    Up to 1 minute
    Can be hidden from the tape

  • Instagram view - displaying posts as an Instagram account

  • Proxies - adding your own proxies is necessary if your account has massphaling/massphishing in another service

  • History Editor


  • Publications to the public and groups. Publication in personal pages is no longer available under the rules of the FB itself.

  • Text

  • Hashtags

  • Photo

  • Title video (up to 6 minutes and 150 mb)

  • Carousel ( up to 10 photos )

  • Gif file

  • Place ( Geometry create in Fb )

  • Links


  • Text

  • Hashtags

  • Photo

  • Carousel ( up to 20 pieces of photo and video files)

  • Video with a cover and title (up to 6 minutes and 150 mb, select a cover from the frame and upload a photo cover). 

  • Gif file

  • Poll ( mark - results are visible after voting, you can select only 1 answer).

  • Links

  • Place


  • Text ( Up to 280 characters - social network restriction. If the text exceeds 280 characters - it will be truncated and a link to the continuation will be inserted at the end).

  • Photo

  • Gif file - publish any video up to 3 mb, it will be automatically converted to Gif

  • Links


  • Text

  • Photo

  • Carousel ( up to 10 pieces of photo and video files)

  • Video ( up to 6 minutes and 150 mb )

  • Gif file

  • Links

  • Place

  • Hashtags

  • Survey ( anonymous )

  • If the text is less than 1024 characters, the post with the file is published as a whole, if more than 1024 characters, the text and the file are published separately. With a carousel, the text is published separately, regardless of the length of the text.


  • Text

  • Photo ( API limit to 1 mb)

  • Video with a cover and title (up to 6 minutes and 150 mb, select a cover from the frame and upload a photo cover). 

  • Gif file

  • Links

  • Place


  • Possibility of automatic removal of posts with time selection

  • View posts: -Links, -Week, -Instagram view

  • Filtering posts by date, project, social network, account

  • Projects - possibility of merging social pages/groups/accounts into projects and general further work on them

  • Schedule (set in the Projects section) - possibility to schedule the time of post release for social pages/groups/accounts and projects*.

  • Watermarks (set in section Projects) - watermarks, company logos, which will be superimposed on the photo and video when publishing the post. You can set a watermark separately on pages/groups/accounts or on the whole project. It is set in order to uniqueize photo/video, or vice versa to protect your content*.

  • UTM ( set in section Projects ) - Set to track clicks on a link*.

  • Templates - the ability to create hashtag templates for the text of a post.

  • Reposter. As a source, you can specify an rss feed and an Instagram account.

  • Reports. Integration with the DataFan service.
    Reports are available on social networks FB, OK, VK, Instagram - the connection is made through the FB page.
    The service provides data for 30 days. 6 months data is available at

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