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  • Be sure to ensure that your account is tied to e-mail and phone and you have access to them.

  • Use massfolving / massliving at the same time with SMMplanner at your own risk. Instagram fights against all kinds of cheating and improves the algorithms that track and analyze the actions performed by users.

  • After using other services and before using our service, pause the use of your account for 2 days.

  • Do not send spam and do not use spam hashtags.

  • Do not publish the same content in multiple accounts at the same time, make a schedule.

  • Do not connect to the service just registered, empty accounts without subscribers and publications. Publish at least 5 posts using the phone and the official mobile app.

  • Use purchased accounts at your own risk. Sellers of such accounts usually use automated means of mass creation of accounts from a single IP address. If you still made a purchase, the first time we advise you to publish exclusively from a mobile device and exclusively through the official mobile application. We recommend registering your own accounts using a real mobile device.

Instagram is known for banning accounts for cheating and other illegal actions. Clean, legal accounts never received bans for using our service. Nevertheless, we recommend reading the following recommendations.

 Instagram bans accounts not by hand, but by some algorithm that only Instagram is known for. But, based on our experience, we have compiled a list of some criteria by which Instagram calculates suspicious accounts and bans them.

 The first and the main criterion is the sharply increased account popularity. For example, after cheating through MF (mass-following) and ML (mass-liking), the chance to get a ban increases many times.

Secondly - frequent IP change. If the account was used with more than one IP, then there will be no ban (you just confirm on Instagram that it was you). But if in one day you connect your account to several services at once, each of which has its own IP, then the chance to be banned will increase again, many times. The same is true for your phone - it has a different IP. If you use your account from phone, if not enough time has passed since the previous post (or it remains to the next), this will increase suspicions.

Thirdly, it is a change in the device to which the account is linked. All services and tools for working with Instagram are also different devices from the point of view of Instagram (only they are virtual). If you change the device frequently, this is also taken into account by the ban algorithm.

The origin of the account is very important. Often in the ban get accounts purchased on the so-called. "trash". These are accounts that were registered from a device or an IP address from which many other accounts were registered. Such accounts usually live not for long. We recommend registering your own accounts and complying with the limit on the number of registrations on one device and IP address. The exact limitation is not known, but it can be reliably said that the more account registrations on one device and the IP address, the higher their chance of being banned.

Each suspicious action is a bell for the ban algorithm and they are summarized. But if you make sufficient time intervals between suspicious actions, then the probability of a ban gradually decreases. A lot of this is mentioned in terms of using Instagram.

 We do not recommend connecting accounts to our service immediately after using other services and tools, since This is an additional suspicious action that could be the last straw for the ban algorithm. Clean, legal accounts have never received any bans for using our service. But if MF or ML was used on your account, then we recommend letting this account "stand" for some time, before connecting it to our or any other service.

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