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Recommendations for working with Instagram.
Recommendations for working with Instagram.

Recommendations for working with Instagram.

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We have prepared several recommendations for working with Instagram and successful development in this social network:

  • Check the link to mail and phone. Make sure that your e-mail and phone number are linked to your account and that you have access to them. If there is no access to something, you should change the data in the profile settings. After all, if you forget or lose your password, you will have to restore it. And when there is no access to the bound data, this greatly complicates the process.

  • Do not use multiple services at the same time. If you use mass following or mass liking at the same time as SMMplanner, then remember that you are doing it at your own risk. Instagram fights against all types of cheating and improves algorithms that track and analyze user actions. Due to this combination of services, the chances of getting blocked grow.

  • Pause. After using other services and before using SMMplanner, pause using your account for 2 days.

  • Don't spam. Do not send spam or use spam hashtags. The more hashtags there are, the less Instagram will like it.

  • Do not publish the same posts. Do not publish the same content to several accounts at the same time, create a schedule for publishing.

  • Do not connect empty accounts. Please do not connect newly registered, empty accounts without subscribers and publications to the service. Submit at least 5 posts using your phone and the official mobile app.

  • Don't buy accounts with followers. Use the purchased accounts at your own risk. Sellers of such accounts usually use automated means of bulk account creation from a single IP address. If you still made a purchase, at first we advise you to publish exclusively from your mobile device and exclusively through the official mobile application. But it is better to register your own accounts using a real mobile device.

Instagram is known for being suspicious of active accounts for any reason and bans accounts for cheating and other illegal activities. Clean, legal accounts, the owners of which follow the rules of publishing, have never received a ban for using our service. However, we recommend that you read the following guidelines for working with Instagram.

Instagram does not ban accounts manually, but according to some algorithm that is known only to the insiders. Nevertheless, based on our experience, we have compiled several recommendations for working with this social network and listed the criteria by which Instagram calculates suspicious accounts and bans them.

The most important criterion is the sharp increase in account popularity. So, for example, after cheating through MF (mass following) and ML (mass like), the chance of getting banned increases many times.

Secondly, the frequent change of IP. If the account was used from more than one IP, then there will be no ban (you simply confirm on Instagram that it was you). But if in one day you connect your account to several services at once, each of which has its own IP, then the chance of being banned increases many times. The same is true for your smartphone - it has a different IP. When you use the account from your smartphone, if not enough time has passed since the previous post (or until the next one), this will increase suspicions.

Thirdly, this is a change of devices to which the account is linked. All services and tools for working with Instagram are also different devices from the point of view of Instagram (only they are virtual). If you change the device frequently, this is also taken into account by the ban algorithm.

The origin of the account is very important. Often, accounts bought on the so-called "trash heaps" get banned. These are accounts registered from the same device or IP address as others. Such accounts usually do not last long. We recommend registering your own accounts and complying with the limit on the number of registrations on one device and IP address. The exact limit is not known, but we can reliably say that the more account registrations on one device and IP address, the higher their chance of getting banned.

Instagram has several types of blocking:

  • Temporary. Issued for frivolous misconduct - exceeding subscription limits or the like. In this case, the account is not deleted, it simply cannot actively function. This type can consist of blocking all actions or only specific ones, for example, when Instagram prohibits commenting or subscribing. Another option for temporary blocking - Instagram forces you to come up with a new password and does not let you into the social network under the old one. Typically, such a block is issued for 3, 7, or 24 hours or 3, 7, or 21 days. The more violations are committed by the account owner, the longer the ban will last.

  • Eternal. Accompanied by the complete deletion of the account, sometimes - without the right to restore it. This type of ban is given for a serious violation of the Instagram rules or a lot of repeated minor violations within one profile, for which there has already been a temporary ban. After deleting, when you try to find the page, a message appears that the profile is not available. The profile owner will receive a message that the page has been blocked for violating the rules.

  • Shadow. Views are sharply reduced here, posts do not fall into the recommended one. Officially, no messages are received, no warnings are received to the profile owner. But the limitations are noticeable. This happens due to frequent edits of posts and complaints from other users.

Each suspicious action is a signal for the ban algorithm, and they are summed up. But if you make sufficient time intervals between suspicious actions, then the probability of a ban gradually decreases. A lot of this is mentioned in Instagram's terms of service.

There are two ways to connect to Instagram with SMMplanner:

  • Advanced. A well-proven connection method with a lot of posting and scheduling options. If the account owner complies with the publication rules, then the probability of getting banned is minimal.

  • Limited. A relatively new way to connect. Now you can connect to Instagram via Facebook, so the likelihood of getting banned is even less. There are slightly fewer opportunities, but the password and Instagram login do not fail, and you do not have to re-enter it.

We do not recommend connecting accounts to our service immediately after using other services and tools, because this is an additional suspicious action that can be the final straw for the ban algorithm. Clean, legal accounts have never been banned for using our service. But if MF or ML was used on your account, we recommend that you let this account "stand" for a while, before connecting it to our or any other service.

On our blog, you can find many tips for interacting with Instagram and other social networks, instructions for content compilation and sales, and much more.

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